Science Funding

Science Funding: Theoretical perspectives

Ideal science, epistemic landscapes, competition models and the politics of science: Different theoretical lenses on science funding.

Mavericks and Lotteries

Summarises academic arguments for funding science by lottery, and compares these to real implementations of the policy.

Science funding is a gamble so let's give out money by lottery

PhD findings highlights.

Policy Considerations for Random Allocation of Research Funds

Expanding on the policy implications of the model results in my PhD thesis.

Centralized funding and epistemic exploration

Extension of the model developed in my PhD thesis.

Science funding is a gamble so let’s give out money by lottery

Popular version of the argument made in my PhD thesis.

Funding science by lottery

Early quick overview of the argument made in my PhD thesis.

Breaking the grant cycle: On the rational allocation of public resources to scientific research projects

Agent-based simulations of hypothetical research communities show random allocation can outperform selection by potential merit under certain conditions.

Simulating Science Funding

Agent-based simulation of a community of investigators on an epistemic landscape with a central source of funding.

Why We Still Need Grant Peer Review

A comment on "From funding agencies to scientific agency" by Bollen et al.