Computing Power and the Governance of Artificial Intelligence

Analysis of compute as a lever for AI governance.

AI strategy card game (BAK)

A multiplayer card game that explore key tensions in AI strategy and race dynamics. Designed to be played with a regular card deck.

Intelligence Rising

A strategic AI futures role-play exercise. Aimed at current and future AI decision makers. Designed to be facilitated for groups (in person or online) by domain specialists. Under continuous development by [Technology Strategy Roleplay](

Frontier AI regulation: Managing emerging risks to public safety

The case for regulating frontier AI models.

Model evaluation for extreme risks

The need to evaluate advanced AI for dangerous capabilities.

Strengthening Resilience to AI Risk

UK policy guide to AI risk and governance.

Frontier AI regulation blueprint

A high level blueprint for domestic regulation of civilian advanced AI models. Created with the help of [Cotton Design](

הגמדים בונים: Intelligence Rising

Talking about Intelligence Rising and AI risks on a roleplay gaming podcast (In Hebrew).

Rewards, risks and responsible deployment of artificial intelligence in water systems

Risk assessment of AI in water systems.

UR22 - Perceptions of Risk & Harm from AI and Personal Data Use

Panel discussion on global AI risk perceptions