Filling gaps in trustworthy development of AI

Incident sharing, auditing, and other concrete mechanisms could help verify the trustworthiness of actors

בינה מלאכותית - השלכות, סיכונים והזדמנויות

סקירת השלכות בינה מלאכותית, בעיקר בתחומי בטחון, סייבר ומידע

Remake podcast - Playing for AI's Future?

We discuss Intelligence Rising

Aleks Listens podcast - Existential Risk — AI, Pandemics, and Cyber Security

Aleks Listens is a podcast about philosophy, politics, race, and mental health

Towards Trustworthy AI Development: Mechanisms for Supporting Verifiable Claims

Ten mechanisms for supporting the verification of claims made by developers of AI systems.

Exploring AI Futures Through Role Play

Exploration of AI futures and impacts through participatory role-play simulation.

Overview of strategical considerations

AI Risks, and How to Tell Them Apart

Classification of AI risks by time (now, near and far) and type (accident, malicious and systemic).

Autonomy and machine learning at the interface of nuclear weapons, computers and people

Describes new threats posed by the introduction of ML at the interfaces between people and nuclear weapons systems (and related systems), and proposes policy responses.

System 1 System 2 Thinking Cycles

Intro and background to AI scenario role-plays