UR22 - Perceptions of Risk & Harm from AI and Personal Data Use


The use of personal data and AI technologies offers great potential across many areas of society to improve productivity, standards of living, decision-making and risk management. However, the use of such data and technologies also presents new risks and pitfalls of its own, such as the amplification of existing human biases in decision-making. As part of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll, global attitudes to risk and harm from the use of AI and personal data have been explored on an unprecedented scale: 125,000 interviews with people across 12 countries conducted by Gallup in 2021. To mark the launch of a new report on the findings, this session discussed what must be done to manage this new area of risk, while still maximizing the potential of data and AI to help manage old ones.

17 Jan 2023
Senior Research Associate

My research focuses on risks at the interface of Silicon and Carbon (and, occasionally, Plutonium).